For all of my life I've always focused on excellence and high achievement. My obsession with goals, objectives, benchmarks and outcomes guaranteed leadership positions at a young age. The goals grew larger as did the expectations of my supervisors. Everything was intense and the demands of marriage and parenting also required me to achieve outstanding outcomes. The honor roll child, top fund raiser, PTO meetings, field trips, and parent groups. Then came my commitment to church and community. My life became this huge cycle of meetings, responsibilities, commitments and accomplishments that never ended. My brain became a tickler tracking dates and appointments. I thought I loved the packed calendar and constant smart phone thumb typing. In reality I could not imagine my life any other way. Until I got off of the merry-go-round I was oblivious to the maddening pace I called my life. Today I get exhausted just thinking about how much of life I was not living. Today I love my life because I feel my life. I love my life because I am living my life. I love my life because I am living it from the inside out. The external bells and whistles that determined my every move have been silenced. Life is amazing!


  1. Thank GOD that the bells and whistles have been silenced!!! LIFE CERTAINLY IS AMAZING!!! It's a beautiful journey!!!


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