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God gives you an idea and you know it is from Him. Why? Because you were not focusing on the particular concept or idea. It is as if it just came to you through the ether. You feel the idea, it moves from your head and permeates your entire being. You are pregnant with this knowing [idea or concept] yet you have not been given specific next steps. Human nature often summons a sharing of an idea with another human. Oops! Trouble.  While most people will not question your ability to hear from God they usually start speaking in innuendo about your shared idea. The conversation usually takes on the following tone: you don't really want to take on a new challenge in this economy; you've been on your job a long time; it's had to get funding for something like that; you have to be careful collaborating with people you don't know; you seem confused; is everything okay? what does that have to do with your degree?  Unfortunately your doubt [was that God?] starts to spread like an


Here I am in Southeast Louisiana in the United States of America putting various thoughts in print and these thoughts are being read by people in countries I never imagined. I am astonished at the exposure my blog GET OUTTA UR WAY is currently experiencing. I am so grateful for everyone who takes time to read my thoughts, but I want to push the envelope a bit. Since the analytics indicate you are reading what if you decided to follow the blog or share your thoughts[comments] with me more often. I would be doubly honored to know you are interested in the next blog submission by becoming a follower. Once again I am so grateful to each of you for taking time to read my thoughts. Feel free to share GET OUTTA UR WAY with your family members and friends.Since starting the blog last November the  site has registered  3,259 visits to the page, but then who's counting? You keep reading and I will keep sharing my thoughts. Peace and Richest Blessings! Page Views by Countries (5/14/12-6


Book clubs are a fantastic way to make reading more than a solitary activity. Avid readers love to experience books through the eyes of others. In fact Oprah recently announced that she is resuming her book club. We cannot promise you Oprah, but we are reading one of her favorite things.You are personally invited to join us. Visit We definitely want to experience your point of view.