God gives you an idea and you know it is from Him. Why? Because you were not focusing on the particular concept or idea. It is as if it just came to you through the ether. You feel the idea, it moves from your head and permeates your entire being. You are pregnant with this knowing [idea or concept] yet you have not been give specific next steps. Human nature often summons a sharing of this idea with another human. Oops! Trouble. While most people will not question your ability to hear from God they usually start speaking in innuendo. The conversation usually takes on the following tone: you don't really want to take on a new challenge in this economy; you've been on your job a long time; it's had to get funding for something like that; you have to be careful collaborating with people you don't know; you seem confused; is everything okay? what does that have to do with your degree? Unfortunately your doubt [was that God?] starts to spread like an untamed virus. Instead of the conversation ending with a "trusted" confidant it starts moving to additional friends and family members. Before long you are spent and wiped out. It is at this time you must go back to the beginning. Notice I did not say go to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media format. Stop feeling the compulsion to share your life in these formats. Most of the people clicking "like" don't even like you. In fact they only keep you as a "friend" to stay abreast of your business you perpetually put in print. Exhale. Now think about how excited you felt when God entrusted you with an idea. Think about the enthusiasm that bubbled up on the inside when only you and God knew your secret. Stay there. Don't move. The God of more than enough says it best "be still and know I AM GOD." You have more than you need. Your next steps are already available for download. Your only requirement is to quiet your mind and save the file knowing that additional information is forthcoming. Your vision is for you. "Banish the doubt" and remember GOD PLUS YOU EQUALS MORE THAN ENOUGH.


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