New Orleans the Cajun and Creole cooking capital of the world. You have not experienced eating until you have wrapped your lips around a fork or spoon with food on the end prepared by a real New Orleans cook. In New Orleans we take our food and cooking seriously. Our trips to the grocery store for holiday meals take on the tenor and vibration of a religious sojourn. There are certain stores we "must go to" and acquire specific foods. If Casey Jones has bell peppers four for a dollar the word spreads like a marsh wildfire. You see in New Orleans we do not just use our bell peppers for seasoning. Oh no! We stuff them. You get the point. There is a ritualistic approach to our food acquisition and preparation. Each cook has their own way of preparing New Orleans cuisine, but all we want to to know is: how it taste y'all. I love cooking and wanted to start the New Year off with a pictorial of some dishes prepared in my kitchen. Happy New Year!


  1. I've eaten some of your cooking, and I really believe that Leah Chase (owner, and head chef of Dooky Chase's Restaurant) only has age on you, she's celebrating her 90th Birthday next week. You are definitely in her league!!! Keep cooking, and WRITING!!!...


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