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There is a popular television commercial where people with mounting issues press an "Easy Button" and all their problems just vanish. There are so many days in my life I wish a big red button named Easy would show up to provide relief. Instead I look up to the heavens and say "God give me a break." Maybe it's just me, but there are times when enough is enough and overwhelming feelings create a running pattern and belief system that says, “Nothing Ever Works For Me.” My brain and body start pulling up all sorts of negative experiences from the past and I start reactivating hurts and disappointments.

I started to deepen my spiritual path seven years ago and admittedly still feelings that the bottom of the bottom just fell out prevail. Now here is the paradox [and if you've done your spiritual work you will definitely get this]. "When we’ve been on a path of self-discovery and self-improvement for a few years and haven’t seen the results we expected or were promised, it can be extremely frustrating! But that frustration—and the expectation of another negative outcome—is exactly what can keep us stuck." Thus the mantra begins "Nothing Ever Works For Me" and so it is.

Our challenge now is to clear these negative expectations. The method of clearing [chemical free] is irrelevant as long as the mantra of "Nothing Ever Works For Me" is not interrupted. Now when I am in the middle of this deep sulk I do not wish to reflect on times of tremendous success or things working well for me. I want to feel rejected, hopeless, disconnected and abandoned. Now I know you're thinking who wants to feel that junk? You do and I do each time we fall out of gratitude and make a conscious effort to think thoughts separate from God. So today I choose to parlay over the aspects of my life that work for me not leaving any room to activate the mantra that "Nothing Ever Works For Me" because everything does.


  1. Thanks! It's so good that you're writing again. You are really an inspiration to me!!!


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