So you've decided to change your ways and get serious about getting healthy. You also invited a few friends and family members to join you and the support is fabulous. Then suddenly one at a time your support team fizzles. If you and your crew were using MyFitness Pal messages telling you your friends have not logged in for a week or month appear in your email box. This is when most of us would cave in quit and join our "supporters". STOP!!! No not this time its got to be different. Time for some self-examination. Now who were you making the changes for and at the core who would benefit the most from your decision to get healthy. The answer is you and me. So as indicated in the title: Are You Willing To Keep Your Commitment To Yourself? I choose to answer a resounding yes! I will not quit on myself, I will not cheat on myself [because I can't], I will not feel despair. I will stick to my commitment because I am so worth it and anyone else who benefits as we say in New Orleans is getting lagniappe.


  1. Keeping our commitments to ourselves (as it relates to our health) can sometimes be one of our most difficult commitments. We JUST GOTTA DO IT! We deserve it.


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