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Living inside of a body that I have spent most of my life not liking is beyond difficult. Waking up most of my life wishing I looked different and detesting the physical appearance of my body was an ongoing exhaustive existence. Even though I practiced positive affirmations since the 1980's  I could not get to the point of truly loving me. I would have periods where I thought I was free of the loathing thoughts of body size and then without warning the haunting feelings would return. So I am in the process of being comfortable in my skin. My goals are to: Accept me one day at a time, honor both the skinny me and fat me, and continuously express gratitude to my body for supporting and making adjustments at various weights. I do know that if I do not totally love me today I will continue to sabotage my efforts with unconscious eating. In the meantime, I am committed to stay in process. What about you?


  1. I'm definitely a work in progress, and am also committed to say in process!


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