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Late last evening as I was removing a pan from the oven the song EVERYDAY IS A DAY OF THANKSGIVING came to me. This song is one of my favorites; however, I had not thought about it in years. Thanksgiving is indeed a daily event and as is often stated the more we give thanks the more we have to be thankful for. It is my desire to approach each day with a thankful heart and not conjure up reasons to be thankful. I want to be thankful because everyday is a day of thanksgiving. Sending vibrations of love and gratitude, to each person reading this post today. 
God Bless!


  1. Before reading your Blog this morning, I'd just expressed to my oldest daughter in a phone conversation that EVERY DAY IS A DAY OF THANKSGIVING! You're absolutely right it's a daily event, from the time GOD blesses us to wake up and see another day, then be able to get out of bed and do things for ourselves, and go about our daily activities, for our Guardian Angels watching over us we travel to and fro on the streets and highways, and then be able to eat and digest our food, and recline at the end of a day, should NEVER be taken for granted!!! YES, EVERY DAY IS A DAY OF THANKSGIVING!!!...


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