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Oh how we love to hear the word yes. Imagine how many temper tantrums would be averted and hearts left intact if the only word we heard was yes. Our faces would wear smiles, hearts sing, lips whistle, and our steps would have pep. Oops, pardon me for getting carried away with my imagination. Just the thought of smiling and having a bouncy walk though felt great. My body was responding to those positive images and for a moment I didn't have a care. I've learned that where my mind goes my body will follow. For so many years I was taught in church settings to ignore my feelings and just focus on the truth of God's word. I absolutely discounted my feelings and relegated them to Satan and him minions. Unfortunately, my body was saying pay attention to me, I'm speaking to you through your emotions and your feelings are my voice. So the sadness, disappointment and discouragement I felt was in my body [mind] and had nothing to do with unholy entities. I realized that my feelings were my navigational system created by God to give me directions. You're thinking what is she saying? For example, if someone said something about me that was untrue I would feel anger, rejection, and disappointment. Why would I ignore these feelings and hold Satan responsible for my emotions? I wouldn't. 

My action plan kicked in. I mentally referenced various scriptures redirecting my mind to the mind of God. I started to think about things in my life that gave laughter, excitement, joy and peace. Soon memories of the act and associated bad feelings faded. The reward of my action plan allows not just my mouth to say yes, but my entire body says yes. I am fully present. 


  1. Thank you so much for your inspirational messages.

  2. Scripture teaches us that, "as a man thinketh so is he." Knowing this, we realize that we ARE our thoughts. Since how we think affects how we feel, we should not allow our thoughts to concentrate on ALL of the negative news that we're bombarded day in and day out. When we make a conscience effort to keep our thoughts positive, our bodies will respond with a resounding YES.


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