The horn of plenty a symbol of blessings and bounty. Most of us think of stories about the Mayflower and Pilgrims whenever viewing this picture. A characteristic associated with the symbolic horn is more than enough to share. Before going any further I want to be emphatically clear I'm in no way hating on the extreme coupon people. Anyone who can maneuver around sticker shock at the cash register should be heralded as a champion. However, commercials showing extreme coupon extraordinaries converting rooms in their homes to mini marts are indeed EXTREME! What is the purpose of their bounty? How long would it take a family of four to eat a closet of cereal? How much energy is spent viewing newspaper circulars, tracking online coupons, filling out rebate forms, organizing purchases and coupons for the next shopping adventure. I think you get it.

 All of us are constantly reminded of the number of families impacted by the United States economic status. We all know of persons who are not able to purchase adequate amounts of  food and personal necessities because of financial restraints. How many of these extreme shoppers regularly share their bounties with needy persons in their respective communities or provide items to food banks? If the show Extreme Couponing serves as an indicator it's safe to say there's not a whole lot of sharing  going on. Maybe a better name for the show is Organized Hoarders. If an individual has the time, talent, and ability to walk up to a cash register and spend a fraction of the actual cost I ain't mad at them. However, it would be more palatable if these avid shoppers were Extreme On Purpose thereby sharing their horn of plenty with struggling persons. Rest assured there is no shortage of customers.


  1. These people who stock pile food like that are definitely hoarders. There's no way in the world an average family could consume all of the food items that's stored in garages that have been converted in food pantries. It would be great if the individuals who shop like this would share with those who are less fortunate.

    They could make give away bags with toiletries to those in need.

    There's a story in scripture about a man whose barns was full, and he built a bigger barn to store his goods. He didn't know that his time on earth would be up that night, and he had to leave all of his earthly possessions. So what did it profit him? He surely couldn't take anything with him.

    So lets all share whatever we have with our fellowman who might be in a tight fix right now!

  2. Well, what more can be said to that?


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