Life is filled with hidden things. Hidden costs, hidden fees, hidden agendas, hidden calories, hidden sugars and the list is endless. I am admittedly a news and information addict. The media format is insignificant give me audio, visual or print. Invariably a few times a year there is a story in the media regarding a person living a double life. These individuals go about their dual existence and in many instances show no outward signs of stress or distress. They have two families, two careers, two cars, two sets of friends, associates and rarely is there any type of intersection. Dateline NBC is notorious for these type stories and I have a ravenous appetite for the details. With each viewing I ask how they keep all the lies straight. It's a challenge for most of us to manage our lives as they are currently structured. The thought of adding sets of additional people into the mix is far beyond basic comprehension. A common denominator in these stories is the person leading the double life is an expert at hiding things. They have strategically compartmentalized their lives in a way that they believe their lies are truth. It is so easy to become judgmental and critical of these persons, but how different are we when we have hidden things in our lives. Many of us fail to face things in our lives that are just not working for us. We take on the position of an ostrich sticking our heads in the sand pretending nothing is wrong. Each of us must have someone in our live that has permission to rattle or dismantle our self-constructed cages. Yes, these persons are like sandpaper rubbing us the wrong way while also unmasking our hidden things. 
So what are you hiding?


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