My administrative assistant is an avid amateur photographer. Having your photograph taken by her is analogous to being in a short film. You have to point your toes, look at her forehead, say money, remove chewing gum, drop your chin, tilt your head and finally "stay still". Imagine the shock on last Thursday when she was reviewing and admiring her work of the previous day when one of her pictures was filled with orbs. She freaked all the more as I was one of the subjects. Actually a community civic organization was presenting me with a check and I asked her to capture a picture of the momentous event. These globes were on every part of the picture [the other subjects were cropped out]. Well I don't know if we were visited by clusters of spirits or if there was dust on the lenses. However, the display on the picture made for some interesting chills, goose bumps, and wows. I'm just wondering if the visitation is from dust or orbs. What do you think?


  1. two photos taken seconds apart 1 coming out crystal clear and the other one is what you see. I say, we had a slue of visitors.


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