I was putting creamer in my coffee and the words "the bridge that crossed me over" came to mind. Just a few days ago I was having a conversation with my mother and she quoted an old preacher friend who often made that statement. So and so was "the bridge that crossed them over". In other words don't get so full of yourself and forget how you arrived at your destination. I fully acknowledge that I am who I am today because of other people who were willing to allow me to cross over on their accomplishments until I obtained my own. I am eternally grateful to the following people: Dr. Bernard Silver, Bobbie Bingham, Victoria Hammon, Larry D. Pate, Dr. Rebecca Lomax, Janet Dressel, Sr. Anthony Barczykowski D.C. and James "Jim" Kelly. So often we never look back and give homage to the people who stuck their necks out for us. If any of the people I referenced asked for my assistance I would have to stop and immediately respond. But so often we get caught up in being "busy" and when called by those who helped us [on numerous occasions] we have the unmitigated gaul to not respond or put them on a "to do list." Be careful with that type of insensitivity because what goes up has to come down. On today reflect and pay homage in some way to the "bridge that crossed you over."


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