am a student of vibrational frequency and energy balancing. When I first started comprehending the requirement of accurate alignment for manifestation I struggled with getting a visual picture of detecting when I was not a vibratory match to my desires or when my energy was unbalanced. A few years ago I heard a teacher of vibrational energy say "nothing you want is upstream." I am a visual learner so I had a better grasp of the concept but it was still clear as mud. Then my mind went back to a little boating excursion I had as a pre-teen with my great-uncle, sister and two cousins. We were in a pirogue [tiny flat boat commonly used in southeast Louisiana]. We were just floating along when suddenly our tiny boat became caught in a current. My uncle quickly became engaged in this battle with this fierce water stream. He started yelling instructions to each of us girls and we finally guided the boat downstream. That's when I got it! Nothing I want is upstream. 

Downstream is the direction of the water flow. If you jump into the water at point A you will float downstream to point B. The current will carry you to point B. On the other hand, if you want to get to point C which is upstream, you are going to have to swim against the current. I have no desire to swim against a current. So when my thoughts are dark, fearful, non-fruitful [upstream] or even when I desire to take control of a situation or person [upstream]. When my thoughts are clear, joyous, or when laughter fills my body [downstream]. So if you have spent a significant amount of time wondering where your stuff is while living like Debbie Downer you are probably in the middle of an upstream journey. We were created to flow downstream. Remember "nothing you want is upstream."


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