Trayvon you entered into life after life as a result of actions connected to a fearful irrational man. From the place where you now exist everything is clear and you indeed are so free.There are no rights and wrongs. In fact the State of Florida does not even exist. Those of us who still live in a body [you transitioned from] wanted a more favorable outcome for you today. We were stunned and left spinning. Our thoughts were all over the place [what's wrong with those women jurors]. You did nothing wrong and yet you were profiled and murdered. The natural advocates within us can't let you go just yet. We feel compelled to bring the verdict to another level in hopes of eradicating laws that make it easy for young black boys to be murdered by scared wanna be cops. We know you can see everything so clear and we ask that you would give us the clarity you now have and guide us to Justice for All.



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