On 11-09-11 in a Face book post I indicated that it was Angel Numbers countdown to 11-11-11. One person commented "I'm so excited". I'm not sure what she's excited about, but I know why I'm excited. One is the number of unity, superiority, priority, beginnings, and God himself. Check out Genesis 2:22-25 and notice how crucial the number one is in creation. The number one is referred to as Angel Numbers because Angels are totally one with God, They are commissioned by God as messengers. They have no ego; therefore, they will not put their own spin on the message [as humans do]. They remain in oneness and unity with God to achieve a divine purpose. 

 I see today as a time to reaffirm my personal desires and those of my family. It is a perfect day not to remind God of the items on my Dream Board, but to remind myself of things yet created in the physical realm.The numbers 111111 is a divine directive to keep my mind, thoughts, speech, and actions completely focused upon the highest vibrating, the most positive, the clearest and cleanest, and Love. It signifies a gate opening of in pouring energy to support my highest intentions. Now that's what the Angel Numbers mean to me.


  1. I heard it said earlier today that the (3) sets of 11's should be seen as three sets of doors we see ourselves walking through to move into the next phases of our lives. In my opinion we should use today as a spring board keeping our minds in a forward and upward direction.

    Thanks for sharing your views.

  2. WOW! Where did you hear this? Please share. Can't wait.

  3. As I was writing this I was trying to remember who said this, but I just could't. Still don't remember. Guess I heard and read so much about 11/11/11, that when I heard this it stuck with me.


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