Four weeks ago, I had surgery on my right foot. Upon entering the reception, area of the surgery center along with my husband there was my mother in the waiting area. After completing the initial registration process, we sat next to my mother and she indicated my sister was on her way. I was surprised, as I was not expecting my sister to be there. The surgery went fine and there was my family waiting for me. Shortly after arriving home my brother and father called to check on my status. As my mom and sister returned to their respective homes the brevity of my physical limitations started to sink in. I was instructed not to place any weight on my foot and that included not walking on the heel area. As I sat in the recliner blankly, staring at the television screen my thoughts flooded with all the things I would not be able to do for eight weeks. Internal panic! Oh goodness, I cannot go up stairs, I cannot drive, I cannot wear pretty shoes, and I have to stay in the bed for seventy-two hours, ice packs, and pain. As I returned to sanity, my mind chatter took a back seat. 

I knew the only way to make it through was to put my independence on a shelf and accept the help I desperately needed. Offers for a walker, bathing chair and crutches were quickly accepted. I did not interfere with my husband and son in the kitchen although I desperately wanted to chime in. I suppressed thoughts of emailing, text messaging, and calling work. I accepted the fact that God did not need an assistant and my primary responsibility was to focus on my

I have so much gratitude for my family they are incredible. Whenever I verbalize my appreciation to family members, they relegate their assistance as menial or small. I have to disagree with them as my inability to drive, run errands, or carry meals to the table frustrated me. However, their care while seemingly small to them was definitely big to me. Four weeks away from my "normal,” life has been a total blessing and limitations placed upon me by my right foot were a gift in disguise. From the waiting room to this present moment, the love showered upon me by my family is priceless. I can assure each of them there is nothing small about providing care to a loved one because Small Is Big.


  1. That's Awesome!! Love the picture :))

  2. That's what family is all about! We take care of each other, and thank GOD for the prayers of the righteous (including those who're not in the biological family)! Scripture says, "The prayers of the righteous avails much...". Your Blogs are so encouraging. I love you my sister in Christ Jesus!!!


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