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A few weeks ago during our bible study group meeting I mentioned that a date on an affirmation card I had on my bathroom mirror had expired. The arrival date [November 6, 2011] of a particular financial goal set in 2008 had come and gone. When the date was set during a book club meeting [we were reading Think and Grow Rich] the deadline seemed achievable. However with every passing month there was not a visible shift in my finances. I continued to think there is still time while vacillating between thoughts of all things are possible and God what's up? Little did I know back in 2008 when setting the goal there were many things in my live that required changing. So often we think if a person has a great career, family and friends there is nothing else desired. That mindset could not be further from the truth. Life in my opinion has a deeper meaning. In 2006, I was fully convinced that I wanted my life to change. I wanted to know why so many people were struggling in every facet of their lives. However, more than wanting to know the why of struggles, I wanted to know how to stop the cycle of struggles in my life and the lives of others. So I embarked on a journey of discovery and came to the conclusion that our thoughts create our reality. Of course Proverbs 23:7 clearly states "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he." Now be mindful, I knew that passage of scripture, but had not engaged in full implementation. My journey to locate my wealthy place (Psalm 66:12) started years prior to 2008 thus exacerbating frustration many days.

 I realize the person who formulated the goal in 2008 was fearful [although appearing confident to everyone] ego focused and very insecure about financial matters. Now here it is I wanted God to send me a tsunami of wealth while enshrouded in junk. Fortunately within the past three years I have been under a major overhaul. Yes, I did want the wealth while under construction and the manifestation did not unfold. I realize that my timeline of November 6, 2011 has nothing to do with God's timeline because I wrote the date based upon how much time I thought it "should" take to achieve financial independence. My reality has nothing to do with God's reality. I have since removed the date off the affirmative statement and I continue daily to say God I thank you for my wealth as I move closer and closer to my wealthy place. I can assure you that the pure voice of God will confirm my destination.


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