Most people cannot imagine keeping track of the foods they eat on a daily basis. One of the reasons I started using My Fitness Pal is because of its great calorie counting feature and it was free! Additionally, there was a mobile phone application feature that allowed me to track my grubbing while away from my desk or laptop. Most often when people engage in compulsive eating [eating when they are not hungry] it becomes a part of their behavior. In other words the person goes into an auto pilot mode and usually have no conscious memory of eating large volumes of food. Maintaining a food diary helps those of us who are prone to compulsive eating stay awake and own our calories. In addition to tracking calories with My Fitness Pal I also use an excellent supplement called Plexus Slim. This product has totally eliminated my grazing and snacking habits. Since using the product I've actually lost ten pounds. Admittedly, using My Fitness Pal alone was not working. I diligently tracked  my calories, but I could not get the pounds to move. My Fitness Pal and Plexus Slim are working for me. Consider starting a food diary because when you write it you own it.


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