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Last year I made a decision to move into the direction of my life's calling. As 2011 entered I was energetic, positive and ready to do the transition work. A few weeks into 2011 I became sick and had to be away from work for two weeks. The day I returned to work my supervisor informed me that he was resigning. The next few months were filled with key employees having unplanned surgeries with lengthy medical leaves. In October I had surgery and joined the ranks of my staff with a lengthy medical leave. While recuperating I became clear on how changes needed to occur in my life. I returned to work in mid December and went through all the festivities associated with the holiday season. Then a little past the stroke of midnight I did it. I wrote my resignation letter to the company I worked with for 28 years. I had a meeting scheduled with my recently appointed supervisor for January 4, 2012. The morning of January 3, 2012 I received a call from a family member complaining of illness. We headed off to the emergency room and the ER visit soon became a hospital stay. The day of my meeting to announce my departure was mentally overshadowed by my family member's medical condition. I met and revealed my plans to leave and headed to the hospital. Within thirty minutes something I wanted to do for three years was done and my family member's test results indicated there was no pathology. I had to fight hard against getting distracted and shelving my plans to announce my resignation. It is scary leaving the security of a nice regular salary and moving towards living a life guided by passion. I am so happy. I feel uncertain yet free. God I left a flowing stream and moved into the ocean but I know you will not let me drown. All is indeed well.


  1. That is touching, teary eyes :'( But you know what he said, he will never forsake or leave us, all we can do is trust and hold on to his unchanging hands ,love you :)

  2. You're so right daughter, in the LORD, all is definitely WELL!!!

  3. Yes, my dear Sister ALL IS DEFINITELY WELL! Our dear sweet great-grandmother's three favorite words(I believe)were, "all is well." Not only is all well, but all is working together for your good. We know that you're in the will of God and that you're operating in faith (which pleases God).

  4. Yes that was one of my grandmother's favorite quotes,"all is well". The Shunammite woman in 2Kings 4:26 said "It is well" when Elisha had his servant inquire about herself, her husband, and her child, even though her son had just died in her lap. Her faith was in the prophet of GOD, whose faith was in GOD! So as long as we, the children of the MOST HIGH GOD, stay focused on HIM and rest in HIS WORD, ALL IS DEFINITELY WELL!!!...

  5. Yes God is always with us and all is well.


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