In 2008 I started a faith-based not for profit organization with a simple intention of teaching people how to get re-connected with the person God created them to be. I had no purpose or mission statement everything evolved from Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them." Everything fell in place however, I always felt something was missing. We had achieved significant gains in a short time and recognition within the community from more established organizations. However I did not feel anchored. We were doing great things and had the confidence of donors from various parts of the country. Something still was missing. A few weeks ago, I said to my sister "when I really know what I want God will give it to me." I'll decode the message: when I stop going here and going there, doing this and doing that, the core purpose of the organization will rise to the top and everything else will revolve around that purpose. I really didn't focus on the comment made to my sister until last week while in Home Depot with my husband looking at flooring samples someone called me and asked if I would consider providing a particular service in the community. Her question was so matter of fact and natural because it was something I had been doing for twenty-five years. I never thought or wanted to do the service on my own. However, her question has resonated with me for several days and everything inside of me is saying yes. Our organization [THE ME GOD SEES, INC] will not discontinue doing any of the things we've done for the past four years. We will now have an anchor and all other efforts will revolve around this core service. God is always speaking and most of the time His messages are not clear. However, when we are truly open and desperate enough for an answer it always comes.


  1. AMEN, and thanks for your message. You're such a blessing to us!

  2. Sitting here watching Bill Winston and he said, "how we see ourselves is where we end up." He also said that we are, "self programable." In today's lesson he's stressing the importance of changing how we see ourselves, and raising the level of our vision to God's level."If I can get up there where God sees me, other stuff comes to me." When we see ourselves as God see us, His vision for our lives becomes OUR vision for our lives. When that happens we have everything we need to fulfill our dreams. But it starts with our WILLINGNESS to CHANGE.

  3. Thanks so much for your inspiring comments.


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