A former pastor often said "my life would be perfect if it weren't for other people." The entire congregation would burst out laughing as he lamented on the challenges presented by "other people." I laughed so hard because I agreed with his erroneous summation. Just who are these other people? Well more often than not they are called relatives and you know them well. In New Orleans we have a catch all category called: Ya Momma and Dem. Other people have the worst timing in the world. They routinely have a list of needs and frequently solicit your assistance. Caller ID is a wonderful monitor of "other people". I am convinced the inventor of Caller ID had an abundance of "other people" in their life. Another thing about "other people" is their proclivity towards being opinionated. They have a commentary on every issue especially those concerning you, your life and your decisions. "Other people" also tend to get angry if you do not respond to their manipulative tactics on cue. God forbid should you proceed with life as if they do not exist and laugh out loud. "Other people" detest laughing when their needs are not being met. They slam doors, use profanity, gossip, and have entire conversations using innuendo. "Other people love drama. Their mantra is I have drama; therefore, I am. Remember, beware of your comments about these bothersome "other people" because you are the "other people" in someone's life.


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