So often this question "are you out of your mind?" gets asked when someone is speaking or behaving irrationally. Our response to someone who is behaving out of the norm is "you need to calm down". There is also a inference that some type of detachment from reality is occurring. Essentially, the individual asking the question is concerned about the observable changes in their loved one's decorum.  Usually the person behaving "differently" is totally oblivious to this real or perceived transformation. When a person is in the process of discovering their destiny or purpose they must shed their old skin. There is no way a person can shift or transition into purpose on purpose without appearing odd to familiar folks. Jesus' behavior in the Garden of Gethsemane was confusing to his Disciples. Why? The purpose for His coming was coming closer to fulfillment.

We have often heard it said that if you want something you've never had you have to do something you've never done. How willing are you to get out of your mind? No, I am not talking about a hallucinogenic trip. I am referencing taking on the mind of Christ. To take on the mind of Christ and begin living as Father God created us to live we have to get out of our mind. Our minds in many instances have created invisible bars that have us essentially imprisoned. We are held hostage. Our belief and acceptance of Christ Jesus as our Savior is our only means of escape. However, we will not know Jesus is the escape route if we continue to "think things out." The link below is entitled  
Capturing Your Thoughts.


  1. Let this mind be in us which is in Christ Jesus. Yes, to have the mind of Christ, we ASOLUTELY MUST be out of our own minds.


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