So often people shun the teachings of Jesus Christ because well meaning Christians have complicated the simple message of redemption.The message of hope and freedom somehow is often burdened down with rules, regulations, dress codes, and layers of personal interpretations. I often say Christ created cool. He just would not waiver from His purpose and His message remained consistent. "I must be about my Father's business." There was no way to get Jesus off track. His example of steadfastness even during His crucifixion remains one of the most remarkable feats in history. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who have made a decision of quality to keep it simple. Twenty-three months ago a few of us after leaving a large ministry decided to meet in a non-religious setting [office] each Sunday to not only study the bible, but we decided to make an effort daily to walk in divine love and appropriate the promises of God. Our study group is called TOOLS FOR ESSENTIAL LIVING and we recently connected with Meetup to create a more seamless communication format.

 Each study group member willfully makes a decision to disengage from counterproductive thoughts, mindsets, patterns, and attitudes that negate our true Christ nature. We truly have fun and make the environment congenial to everyone in attendance. The link below is a snapshot of one of our sessions. Minister Byron Clark did a masterful job of sharing God's word and we enjoyed a wonderful fellowship meal afterwards. God really wants us to keep His word simple and share the message of Jesus the Christ in our daily walk.



  1. This was truly a wonderful day. So happy to see our young visiting couple with us on yesterday.


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