As a child, my two brothers and I loved when our sister baked cakes in her Easy Bake Oven. We constantly peeped into the tiny door inspecting the status of our treat when our sister reminded us that it’s not done yet. We were so excited when the palm size pans were removed from the oven and placed on our kitchen table. My brothers and I would say let’s cut it and our sister on cue said it’s not done yet it has to cool. A short time later we said let’s cut it and once again she said it’s not done yet I have to put the icing on. Our perseverance paid off when we gladly ate our bite size cake slices. 

Not done yet is an apt description of me. I thought by now I would have it all figured out. I thought that after years of regular church attendance, bible study, counseling, self-help books, and numerous spiritual movies [Finger of God, Furious Love, The Secret, The Shift, You Can Heal Your Life, and many others] all aspects of life that placed me in the not done yet category would be history. My goodness I was wrong.

The Book of Hosea [Chapter 7] references a “half-baked cake” or “cake unturned.” During Hosea’s time, bread was often prepared as a cake cooked on both sides, something like a pancake. Often I have been an unturned pancake that burns on one side and is uncooked on the other. Most of us have an amazing ability to engage in self-deception thinking we can serve God and our ego simultaneously. Whenever I become a “cake unturned,” it is because I have decided to place my ego above God’s will and His way. Yes, I miss it often and in many ways I am not done yet; however, awareness of my one-sided condition is what God considers right for turning. So daily I enthusiastically ask God to keep me because I am NOT DONE YET. What about you?


  1. Definetly NOT done yet. For me to admit that I am would be a serious form of self deception.

  2. I'm past three scores and ten, and I'm definitely still not done yet. A BEAUTIFUL ANALOGY!

  3. I'm still in the oven! It's a slow process, but LORD keep me in YOUR oven until I come out like pure gold!

  4. A very strong point that was discussed in THE TOOLS FOR ESSENTIAL LIVING STUDY GROUP session this morning was that there is no such thing as serving GOD your way, there's no such thing as customized Christianity. There are some very strict guidelines that GOD has for our lives if we're going to fulfill HIS will in our lives.

    I'm still undone, but am more closer to being done than I was years ago. Thank GOD for HIS GRACE and MERCY!!!

    Thank GOD for our anointed lead facilitator, Pashena!!!

  5. ...and the process continues! GOD is working on me to bring me back to what HE created me to be, before I was conceived in my mother's womb, before I made my entrance on planet earth. When I'm done I'll come out of the oven as pure gold, and make my journey back home to be with HIM!!! But until that time, my heart's desire is to do what I can to point others to CHRIST!!!


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