Countless songs have been written for years giving credit to another for causing the best character traits to surface. Visit any bookstore and the self-help section has all the answers, methods and techniques to bring out the best in children, employees, managers, and a barrage of additional areas. I have invested a small fortune on leadership books. My passion for being current on styles of organizational leadership and methods of creating team synergy consumed me for years. I also had a small howbeit growing library of books and DVD's on following your intention, passion, and bliss. I became the go to person if your employer, employees, spouse, or children were acting out. I would always end "counseling" sessions with these words: all of your answers are located inside of you. I totally believe if we quiet our minds Holy Spirit downloads all the data we need to help us navigate the sometimes rough waters of life. I am thankful for all the media formats I've been blessed to use over the years. However, at the end of the day there is not a book, conversation, or person who can cause the best part of me to surface. The previously referenced elements serve as catalysts. In other words they provoke us to shift or change. The only person who has full power and authority to expose your/my awesomeness is you and me. It's the invisible part of us; our essence. When we grow to love ourselves and stop trying to fix ourselves we become whole. It's not out there it's in you and me. Only you can bring out the best in you. For today I lovingly embrace the fact that I bring out the best in me.


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