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Being a child of color in the 1960's and 1970's I had few people on television who looked like me. Additionally, my early school books Fun With Dick and Jane were also void of people who looked like me. I never gave any significant thought to these blatant omissions. Fortunately, I didn't have to look outside of my home or enter into the portals of TV Land to find a beautiful strong woman of color. All I needed to do was look at my mother. She was youthful, intelligent, attractive, and hard working. She was like a mother and big sister rolled up in one. We always had fun. Playing Scrabble, Life, Old Maids, Jacks, Monopoly, Shenanigans, and playing school were part of our regular routine. She had a great figure and watched her caloric intake while exercising daily. Today, as a women in her 70's she is still youthful, intelligent, attractive, and hard working. She is proof that beauty like a flawless diamond has many facets.I love you Ma. I am eternally grateful to you for being everything I needed as a child and as a woman today.



  2. I could not have stated this any better Sis. Thankfully we didn't have to look far to find a strong role model. It was so cool to have a Mom all the other kids in school thought was soooo BEAUTIFUL. In spite of her youth she managed to feed us fruits, greens, beans, carrots, oatmeal, Corn Flakes instead of Frosted Flakes, and DIDN'T give us sodas (loaded with sugar). Pops brought the money home and she VERY WISELY spent it.



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