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Y'all see I was trying not to say anything about Maddy the Madd Juror aka #29. She has some nerve giving a discourse on the impending wrath of God upon George Zimmerman. She better look in the mirror. This woman has eight children and could not muster enough strength to stand her ground and do what was in her heart.  On September 19, 2011 I served on a six jury panel in Orleans Parish Criminal Court and was the lone African American juror. The gender composition was four males and another female.  Without going into the specifics of the case it involved testimonies from two arresting New Orleans Police Officers. Their account of the incident (drug possession) was disjointed, twisted, and flagrantly lacked reporting protocol. The defense's  position was that drugs were planted on the young man. I was a rather experienced juror having served in complex civil cases and additional criminal matters. There was nothing that flowed in this case for me. When we marched off to the jury r


"Juror B37 says George Zimmerman feared for his life in his fatal encounter with Trayvon Martin". So we finally get an idea of the "creepy" thoughts that were floating around inside the head of one juror in the Zimmerman trial. This interview speaks volumes and fortifies the necessity to file further charges. Juror B37 refused to get outside of her own mind long enough to use a simple ABC Analysis as it related to the core facts of the case. (A) Antecedent=George Zimmerman against advisement exited his vehicle. (B) Behavior=George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Benjamin Martin in the heart. (C) Consequence=Trayvon Benjamin Martin dies of a fatal gunshot wound.  Anderson Cooper Interview:


I wrote this blog three years [7/14/13] ago when my son was eighteen years old and a recent high school graduate. Today he is a college senior and unfortunately injustices for Black men in the United States have eroded at a fast and furious pace. I felt a reposting was in order as the anguish of parents of Black men in recent days is crushingly heartfelt. So I ask again What Do We Say To Our Sons Born In 1995? As a mother of an eighteen year old born in 1995 I am very cognizant of situations involving young men in my immediate community and around the nation. On last evening shortly after the Zimmerman verdict was read my eighteen year old son arrived home from one of his two jobs. As he sat in our dining area eating a burger I could sense his spirit was perplexed. I glanced over at him from our kitchen and he looked numb. He was just staring at the television a million miles away. My heart just broke even more as he came face to face with the reality of inequities all Black men


Trayvon you entered into life after life as a result of actions connected to a fearful irrational man. From the place where you now exist everything is clear and you indeed are so free.There are no rights and wrongs. In fact the State of Florida does not even exist. Those of us who still live in a body [you transitioned from] wanted a more favorable outcome for you today. We were stunned and left spinning. Our thoughts were all over the place [what's wrong with those women jurors]. You did nothing wrong and yet you were profiled and murdered. The natural advocates within us can't let you go just yet. We feel compelled to bring the verdict to another level in hopes of eradicating laws that make it easy for young black boys to be murdered by scared wanna be cops. We know you can see everything so clear and we ask that you would give us the clarity you now have and guide us to Justice for All.                                                        




                                        I  am a student of vibrational frequency and energy balancing. When I first started comprehending the requirement of accurate alignment for manifestation I struggled with getting a visual picture of detecting when I was not a vibratory match to my desires or when my energy was unbalanced. A few years ago I heard a teacher of vibrational energy say "nothing you want is upstream." I am a visual learner so I had a better grasp of the concept but it was still clear as mud. Then my mind went back to a little boating excursion I had as a pre-teen with my great-uncle, sister and two cousins. We were in a pirogue [tiny flat boat commonly used in southeast Louisiana]. We were just floating along when suddenly our tiny boat became caught in a current. My uncle quickly became engaged in this battle with this fierce water stream. He started yelling instructions to each of us girls and we finally guided the boat downstream. That's when I got it!