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Today is my sister's birthday. She indeed is my best friend. We have so many memories and regularly share laughs. She is and has always been a blessing to our family. Her love has no boundaries. She is a peaceful and calm person. She loves black and white movies, musicals, broadway plays, baking and working in her art studio. The Golden Girls was one of my favorite TV sitcoms. Actually the theme song drew me to the show. "Thank you for being a friend Traveled down the road and back again Your heart is true you're a pal and a confidant. And if you threw a party Invited everyone you knew You would see the biggest gift would be from me And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend." Happy Birthday Sis! source:


For all of my life I've always focused on excellence and high achievement. My obsession with goals, objectives, benchmarks and outcomes guaranteed leadership positions at a young age. The goals grew larger as did the expectations of my supervisors. Everything was intense and the demands of marriage and parenting also required me to achieve outstanding outcomes. The honor roll child, top fund raiser, PTO meetings, field trips, and parent groups. Then came my commitment to church and community. My life became this huge cycle of meetings, responsibilities, commitments and accomplishments that never ended. My brain became a tickler tracking dates and appointments. I thought I loved the packed calendar and constant smart phone thumb typing. In reality I could not imagine my life any other way. Until I got off of the merry-go-round I was oblivious to the maddening pace I called my life. Today I get exhausted just thinking about how much of life I was not living. Today I love my life bec


Expansion requires us to embrace people and cultures that are dissimilar to our own. On yesterday, I wrote on creating a sacred space in your world. Today I decided to capture images of diverse people and cultures located in my home. We communicate a lot to others [especially children] when we embrace different cultures enough to display images of them in our home, work, and play spaces. Look around your spaces today and take inventory what do you see?


May the eyes of our pure understanding be opened. Our eyes have been wide shut far too long.


Find a corner or two in your world and dedicate as your sacred space. The above picture depicts one of mine.


Late last evening as I was removing a pan from the oven the song EVERYDAY IS A DAY OF THANKSGIVING  came to me. This song is one of my favorites; however, I had not thought about it in years. Thanksgiving is indeed a daily event and as is often stated the more we give thanks the more we have to be thankful for. It is my desire to approach each day with a thankful heart and not conjure up reasons to be thankful. I want to be thankful because everyday is a day of thanksgiving. Sending vibrations of love and gratitude, to each person reading this post today.  God Bless!


I recently tweeted how creative the mind becomes when it is not cluttered with nonsense. Becoming is probably not an appropriate word as it implies a level of manufacturing. Actually what already IS can never Become because it is. Therefore, could it be that we already are and our erroneous thoughts at becoming are just that erroneous. It is not a play on words. We are incredible beings with tremendous capacities; however, we have duped ourselves into believing that it is out there somewhere when in fact it is inside already. The creativity I referenced was there just waiting for enough inner silence to flow through me.


For many years I have placed positive affirmation statements on index cards posting them around my home and office. This blog post is a compilation of affirmative statements I've used and encouraged others to do likewise. I see right through appearances and illusions and know that abundance is all mine. My abundant thoughts and actions lead in the perfect direction of my desires. I AM thankful for the limitless, overflowing Source of my abundance. I AM showered with blessings and my Divine Inheritance. God provides me with all that I desire, whenever I desire it for as long as I desire it. God provides me with more than enough substance and supply. I AM easily, openly and freely accepting abundance, now! I receive an unmatchable supply of abundance in my Life daily. I AM always in the right place at the right time. I live in the likeness and image of God's Divine Abundance. Money flows easily to me...ALWAYS! I open to the flo


Four weeks ago, I had surgery on my right foot. Upon entering the reception, area of the surgery center along with my husband there was my mother in the waiting area. After completing the initial registration process, we sat next to my mother and she indicated my sister was on her way. I was surprised, as I was not expecting my sister to be there. The surgery went fine and there was my family waiting for me. Shortly after arriving home my brother and father called to check on my status. As my mom and sister returned to their respective homes the brevity of my physical limitations started to sink in. I was instructed not to place any weight on my foot and that included not walking on the heel area. As I sat in the recliner blankly, staring at the television screen my thoughts flooded with all the things I would not be able to do for eight weeks. Internal panic! Oh goodness, I cannot go up stairs, I cannot drive, I cannot wear pretty shoes, and I have to stay in the bed for seve


  2011 IS ALMOST GONE AND I STILL HAVE NOT FOUND MY WEALTHY PLACE WHAT'S UP? A few weeks ago during our bible study group meeting I mentioned that a date on an affirmation card I had on my bathroom mirror had expired. The arrival date [November 6, 2011] of a particular financial goal set in 2008 had come and gone. When the date was set during a book club meeting [we were reading Think and Grow Rich] the deadline seemed achievable. However with every passing month there was not a visible shift in my finances.  I  continued to think there is still time while vacillating between thoughts of all things are possible and God what's up? Little did I know back in 2008 when setting the goal there were many things in my live that required changing. So often we think if a person has a great career, family and friends there is nothing else desired. That mindset could not be further from the truth. Life in my opinion has a deeper meaning. In 2006, I was fully convinced th


As a child, my two brothers and I loved when our sister baked cakes in her Easy Bake Oven. We constantly peeped into the tiny door inspecting the status of our treat when our sister reminded us that it’s not done yet. We were so excited when the palm size pans were removed from the oven and placed on our kitchen table. My brothers and I would say let’s cut it and our sister on cue said it’s not done yet it has to cool. A short time later we said let’s cut it and once again she said it’s not done yet I have to put the icing on. Our perseverance paid off when we gladly ate our bite size cake slices.  Not done yet is an apt description of me. I thought by now I would have it all figured out. I thought that after years of regular church attendance, bible study, counseling, self-help books, and numerous spiritual movies [Finger of God, Furious Love, The Secret, The Shift, You Can Heal Your Life, and many others] all aspects of life that placed me in the not done yet category wou


The horn of plenty a symbol of blessings and bounty. Most of us think of stories about the Mayflower and Pilgrims whenever viewing this picture. A characteristic associated with the symbolic horn is more than enough to share. Before going any further I want to be emphatically clear I'm in no way hating on the extreme coupon people. Anyone who can maneuver around sticker shock at the cash register should be heralded as a champion. However, commercials showing extreme coupon extraordinaries converting rooms in their homes to mini marts are indeed EXTREME! What is the purpose of their bounty? How long would it take a family of four to eat a closet of cereal? How much energy is spent viewing newspaper circulars, tracking online coupons, filling out rebate forms, organizing purchases and coupons for the next shopping adventure. I think you get it.  All of us are constantly reminded of the number of families impacted by the United States economic status. We all know of persons who ar


Oh how we love to hear the word yes. Imagine how many temper tantrums would be averted and hearts left intact if the only word we heard was yes. Our faces would wear smiles, hearts sing, lips whistle, and our steps would have pep. Oops, pardon me for getting carried away with my imagination. Just the thought of smiling and having a bouncy walk though felt great. My body was responding to those positive images and for a moment I didn't have a care. I've learned that where my mind goes my body will follow. For so many years I was taught in church settings to ignore my feelings and just focus on the truth of God's word. I absolutely discounted my feelings and relegated them to Satan and him minions. Unfortunately, my body was saying pay attention to me, I'm speaking to you through your emotions and your feelings are my voice. So the sadness, disappointment and discouragement I felt was in my body [mind] and had nothing to do with unholy entities. I realized that my feeli


You ever notice how sour and disgusted many persons in customer service roles appear. Greeting customers for these persons presents as a painful agonizing experience. My initial thoughts are does this person not realize commerce transactions equate a salary for them? However going forward I will not feel the welling up desire to educate the person on appropriate decorum. I will see the person as as someone who probably is underpaid and exhausted with a lot going on. I will TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS letting myself and the other person off the hook. Will you join me?


Oftentimes I'll ask someone how are you and the response invariably is "girl I'm blessed! Let's examine what it means to be blessed. Webster defines blessed as: "enjoying the bliss of heaven". So could it be that we are limiting what it means to be blessed? Our thoughts as scripture says are not like God's thoughts. Maybe your concept of being blessed is based on the fact that you are living better than the people you know. Could it be that your blessing gauge has nothing to do with bliss or heaven. Yes, many of us are blessed with health, family, employment, food, and housing. Could it be the previously mentioned blessings are just the tip of the iceberg? God said prove me and see that I will bless you so much that you will not be able to contain it (paraphrase). Now that's BLESSED!


Choices, we just love them and whenever we feel our choices are impeded in some way we protest. One of the primary reasons buffet type restaurants are so popular is because the customer gets to choose. Big box stores are also a staple because there's a barrage of offerings that lead to choices. In our bible study group last Sunday, the author of a book we are using for guided discussion made a prolific statement regarding musical virtuosos and Olympic athletes: "they must say no to a thousand things in order to say yes to the destiny that lies before them." Our study group parlayed over that statement for several minutes. As we extrapolated and dissected aspects of our lives we realized things we said NO to determined what we had a choice to say YES to. Now I am admittedly like Forrest Gump I want to do it all. However, even in my wanting to do it it all, I must still say NO  to someone or something. What lies before you? Could you have more choices if you turned off


On 11-09-11 in a Face book post I indicated that it was Angel Numbers countdown to 11-11-11. One person commented "I'm so excited". I'm not sure what she's excited about, but I know why I'm excited. One is the number of unity, superiority, priority, beginnings, and God himself. Check out Genesis 2:22-25 and notice how crucial the number one is in creation. The number one is referred to as Angel Numbers because Angels are totally one with God, They are commissioned by God as messengers. They have no ego; therefore, they will not put their own spin on the message [as humans do]. They remain in oneness and unity with God to achieve a divine purpose.   I see today as a time to reaffirm my personal desires and those of my family. It is a perfect day not to remind God of the items on my Dream Board, but to remind myself of things yet created in the physical realm.The numbers 111111 is a divine directive to keep my mind, thoughts, speech, and actions completely focu


Surrender is a simple word that has deep and complex actions associated with it. Recently in rural Southeast Louisiana a wanted man created fear, frustration, and fascination when he eluded police for several days. Citizens pleaded with  him to surrender and yet this man after various reported sightings just vanished like a vapor. Finally, law enforcement were successful and apprehended this wanted fugitive. While most of us are not wanted fugitives from the law we need to throw up our hands toward the heavens and say I QUIT, I GIVE UP, I SURRENDER. I am tired of disguising my emotions, taking on a new identity, covering the stains of life by rearranging things and engaging in covert operations. Stop and say this is it, enough already and simply just surrender. It is not until we surrender that we can start to have the life God created for us.


Most people cannot imagine keeping track of the foods they eat on a daily basis. One of the reasons I started using My Fitness Pal is because of its great calorie counting feature and it was free! Additionally, there was a mobile phone application feature that allowed me to track my grubbing while away from my desk or laptop. Most often when people engage in compulsive eating [eating when they are not hungry] it becomes a part of their behavior. In other words the person goes into an auto pilot mode and usually have no conscious memory of eating large volumes of food. Maintaining a food diary helps those of us who are prone to compulsive eating stay awake and own our calories. In addition to tracking calories with My Fitness Pal I also use an excellent supplement called Plexus Slim. This product has totally eliminated my grazing and snacking habits. Since using the product I've actually lost ten pounds. Admittedly, using My Fitness Pal alone was not working. I diligently tracked  m


Living inside of a body that I have spent most of my life not liking is beyond difficult. Waking up most of my life wishing I looked different and detesting the physical appearance of my body was an ongoing exhaustive existence. Even though I practiced positive affirmations since the 1980's  I could not get to the point of truly loving me. I would have periods where I thought I was free of the loathing thoughts of body size and then without warning the haunting feelings would return. So I am in the  process  of being comfortable in my skin. My goals are to: Accept me one day at a time, honor both the skinny me and fat me, and continuously express gratitude to my body for supporting and making adjustments at various weights. I do know that if I do not totally love me today I will continue to sabotage my efforts with unconscious eating. In the meantime, I am committed to stay in  process . What about you?


So you've decided to change your ways and get serious about getting healthy. You also invited a few friends and family members to join you and the support is fabulous. Then suddenly one at a time your support team fizzles. If you and your crew were using MyFitness Pal messages telling you your friends have not logged in for a week or month appear in your email box. This is when most of us would cave in quit and join our "supporters". STOP!!! No not this time its got to be different. Time for some self-examination. Now who were you making the changes for and at the core who would benefit the most from your decision to get healthy. The answer is you and me. So as indicated in the title: Are You Willing To Keep Your Commitment To Yourself? I choose to answer a resounding yes! I will not quit on myself, I will not cheat on myself [because I can't], I will not feel despair. I will stick to my commitment because I am so worth it and anyone else who benefits as we say in New


Oh WOW! I was watching Life Class on OWN and the question was: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN'T AFRAID? So often we go through life like a spectator of sorts. We disengage from life, family, friends, and our dreams because we live in bodies that we have grown to feel tremendous shame around. As the saying goes if you want something you have never had you have to do something you have never done. So, if you have never accepted your body, start accepting it today. You say I'm afraid, my body keeps selling me out by getting larger and larger. I am afraid of starting another exercise program and diet. So what would you do? This woman on the Life Class program after years of "hating" her body decided to put on a bikini and run through her neighborhood celebrating her freedom from herself. She was waving at neighbors, ringing their doorbells and exhibited pure jubilation. Now, there is no bikini in my future, but I daily look for ways in my life to get out of a rut. I ch